Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Autumn colours and distant views.

Apologies for the lack of posts just lately, it's not through inactivity more the lack of subject matter! As the rain continued to fall for days I have got into a bit of a routine where I can manage to get into the loom room for a couple of mornings weaving each week. I have woven a couple of scarves from some Tencel yarn following a pattern found in the latest edition of Handwoven magazine. These will be for wearing at next years show as we sell the yarn required....more about these in a future post once the fringes have been sorted out. Not wanting a "naked" loom I have put a warp on for two scarves in a block design using some very fine silk yarn that I was able to buy from my weaving teacher a few years back when she sold her stock. I've never worked with such fine yarn before but, so far it's been ok. While sitting at the loom I have been thinking about what to make for selling at the craft show Helen is going to next Easter....watch this space!
On a recent sunny afternoon whilst playing with the dogs on the back field I amused myself taking some photos of the lovely colours of the autumn leaves.

The weather has turned distinctly chilly and the wind is coming from the north! Snow showers are forecast. Better get those winter woollies finished!