Saturday, 10 June 2017

More Crochet...... and a few flowers!

Well another month has been and gone, soon we shall be at midsummer and before we know it the evenings will be getting darker again. We have had a few nice, reasonably hottish days here where we could sit out and enjoy the garden but we don't seem to get the lovely warm evenings anymore. I have managed to finish off a couple of crochet projects lately but there are many more in the pipeline!

I made this mandala cardigan for my son's girlfiend Abi who had a birthday at the beginning of May. It's a pattern by LillaBjorn Crochet in Scheepjes Whirl - a cotton/acrylic gradient yarn. I got it finished just in time. I have a different colourway to make one for myself soon.

This next top I made from a Japanese crochet magazine in a cotton/acrylic yarn by Yeoman Yarns. All the Japanese patterns I have are in chart form so they are reasonably easy to follow and currently are my favourites. All the patterns are classics and worked in fine yarns which is so different from the clumsy looking patterns that are in magazines here in the U.K.

This cardigan is from a pattern by Dora Ohrenstein in her book on top down crochet. I made it from the yarn used in the book but by the time I got it the yarn was discontinued and it took awhile to track some down on Ebay. Let's hope we get some better weather back soon so I get the chance to wear them!Before the stormy weather arrived my garden wasn't looking too bad, now it looks like a steam roller has been through it! Here are just a few snaps to share with you.