Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spring blossom's show time!

Spring seems to be well underway here at Deerfold. The hedge bottoms this year are a mass of wild primroses and wood anemones with the first bluebells and wild garlic beginning to show themselves too. I don't know if the wet winter has helped them or that we had such a dreadful spring last year we are noticing the flowers more now? Here are a few more photos of the latest things out in my garden and you must add the soundtrack of the birdsong yourself! Cue the blackbirds, willow warbler, chiff chaff et al.

A dwarf Azalea which I bought many years ago in Cornwall - I love the colour!

This patch of wallfowers has been in flower for the whole winter and is now into it's third year. The lovely burnt orange colour is one of my favourite wallflower colours and the scent is heavenly. Must dye some yarn that colour!

We have three wild cherry trees along our driveway which always look lovely at this time of year. With the recent heavy showers these past few days the petals are floating over the garden like confetti.

Not long after we moved here I planted a small group of Snakes Head Fritillaries in a sheltered part of the garden. I think they are settling in now and seem to be increasing gradually each year.
The star of the garden at the moment though is this hybrid Rhododendron - I can't remember it's name - which I can see from the conservatory. This definitely benefitted from the wet winter as the flower buds develop in the autumn and the plant likes to be moist at this time.
I hope the heavy rain that we are expected to get this weekend doesn't spoil the flowers. And I hope that it will not deter the crowds as ...... yes folks it's show time!!!! Yippeee! Helen, John and I will be setting up the stall tomorrow afternoon so we are ready for the crowds on Saturday. Let's hope the weather isn't as bad as forecast and certainly not as cold as last year! I've been told by Helen to wear my thermals! I'm not sure what I shall be looking to buy but I wouldn't be surprised if I came back with another drop spindle or two!


  1. Please get pictures of the show! Love all the flowers, and so glad you are having a colorful Spring.

    1. Glad you like the flowers! It certainly is nice to get a proper Spring this year and I hope you have a good one too! I will try to get as many pictures of the show this weekend when I get the chance as it can get quite busy at these events as you know! Happy weaving!

  2. I always think spring is really here when the Snakes Head Fritillaries pop up, reminds me of the water meadows at Cricklade which used to be purple with them when I was a child!