Monday, 15 April 2013

Babette Blanket

I've never been very confident about my crochet. It always looked to me like a screwed up rag. At one time my sister - Urban Rustic - and I signed up on a crochet course at a local college. I still didn't feel happy with my attempts even though I really love crochet lace and I love the crochet blankets like those my Nanna used to make. So I've always been more of a knitter. However I have always been drawn to old crochet hooks made from bone like the one Nanna gave me but was lost amongst the odds and ends many house moves ago.Last year we went to Ludlow Medieval Fayre and came across a stall selling boxes and lots of things made from bone. I couldn't resist buying two lovely, fine bone hooks for £5 each. I haven't stopped crocheting since - they must be enchanted!

This is my version of the Babette Blanket pattern by Kathy Merrick found in Interweave Crochet Spring 2006. The original is worked in Koigu wool using about 13 different colours. In my version I have used lots of different handspun wool that I have amassed over the last few years. They are all of a similar weight - a fine 2ply- and are all pure wool. I started to crochet this during the evenings in the run up to Christmas whilst watching the t.v. But I have only started to put it all together this week. I have really enjoyed working on this and I even like putting all the blocks together which is something that I usually find off-putting about most patterns using small blocks. I will definately make another one but this time I will use hand-dyed yarn for a change.

This photo shows how far I have got with the sewing up. Lots more blocks to go!

Other news..... I have heard my first Chiff-Chaff and seen 2 Swallows flying over the field this afternoon as I walked my dogs. Spring must be on the way surely?


  1. yay for summer birds and big yay for crochet...far superior to knitting.

  2. I like the feel of wood crochet hooks, never being fortunate enough to try bone. But yours sound enchanting indeed! Your blanket is marvelous! Have you thought to join Ravelry? I've just, and am already finding others who've worked with my current project "yarn" (a paper fibre!), and suggested a cotton alternative. You might find lots of new friends. Just a thought!