Monday, 29 April 2013

Wonderwool Wales 2013

Boy was that a busy weekend! I've been helping my friend Helen sell weaving yarns at Wonderwool Wales for the last two days and I'm just about recovering from being on my feet the whole time. Saturday was much busier than Sunday from the sales point of view, but people seemed to have more time to chat about weaving on the Sunday which was just as hectic. Here is what the stall looked like before the public were let in.
I didn't manage to get much shopping time but I did make a quick dash late on in the afternoon to collect my new drum carder and some liquid natural dyes. As it was a bit quieter on Sunday I managed to bag some alpaca fibre, a cone of baby alpaca yarn and some 10/2 cotton from Helen.
It was great to chat about weaving and I found it very encouraging as there seems to be a new interest in weaving with lots of our customers being beginners. I also bumped into a few old friends from workshops I have been to awhile ago and got up-to-date with what we were all up to. Our next outing is in about eight weeks time when we go to Woolfest in the Lake District. I've been there as a visitor a couple of times so it will be fun to be on the other side so to speak! I'll end this brief post with a couple of views from the stall during Sunday afternoon.




  1. Are they your scarves hanging up? Did they sell?
    More pictures of scarves please.

  2. The stall looks wonderful! Agreed - if you're selling scarves, please post piccies! (Hope that's spelt properly.)