Monday, 15 July 2013

Haymaking, dyeing and feline relaxation.

This last week or so has seen wonderful HOT summer weather. It is a real tonic after the miserable weather last year and the long cold spring this year. Not wanting to waste a minute of this glorious sunshine I have been busy washing fleece as whilst I was at Woolfest the "fleece fairy" came and left me five huge fleeces! I think they may be Texel, at any rate they are a commercial breed and when I manage to contact the kind chap who left them for me I shall find out more about them. I have also decided what to do with this mountain of wool. Spin enough yarn to weave a blanket on the Louet Spring. So I have started to dye the fleece outside in the garden and so far I have managed four days on the trot without having to pack the tables away because of the weather! I am using some Landscape Acid dyes and some Gaywool dyes that I already have in stock. I'm not creating my own colour blends as I want to get as much done now while the weather holds and not dither about trying to decide what colours to choose.
The wonderful weather has also meant that we got our hay cut on Friday and this is the earliest we have ever had it cut. Last year it didn't get done until September and although we haven't got as many bales this year it is much better stuff. And as I was told by the fella that cut the hay it's better to have a small load of good stuff than a lot of shit!
Being cut on Friday.
After being baled tonight.
And what do little pussy cats do whilst there is all this hustle and bustle? Well chillax of course!!!
Little Ginge takes it easy.
Boris sitting in the shade.
Any other business....  Tomorrow is my birthday so a trip is planned to the Cotswold Farm Park with family. Wonder if Adam Henson will be there? Also this coming Saturday we are off to collect the sheep.Yay!!! The trailer has been bought, collected and given the once over. So we shall have an early start to get there before all the holidaymakers clog up the roads.

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