Thursday, 25 July 2013

Meet Teddy and his gang

Last Saturday hubby Graham and I headed off to the Llyn peninsular to collect the lambs at last. We had managed to buy a second-hand sheep trailer off Ebay as the trailers we could borrow were all huge double axle things and the lambs would have rattled around in it like peas in a pod! The weather eventually turned out nice and sunny making our early start sensible as the lambs would not be travelling during the hottest part of the day. It looked as if most people were holidaying at the coast as on the return journey the traffic going in the opposite direction was non-stop. I was very glad to be going the other way!

Teddy coming for  chat

I kept the lambs in the sheep pen for the first night and then let them out in to a small area so that they could get used to their new surroundings. The sheep I have already - now called Hubert's gang to differentiate the two groups - have now met the lambs and are not very impressed. There was a definite look of betrayal on Hubert's face and the old girls were horror struck with all these small things whizzing about and making all that noise. It was like an old folks group having the playgroup come to visit! They have now been in the same field for two days and so far there has been no problem as the two groups have taken up residence in the opposite corners of the field with Hubert's gang turning their backs quite firmly and resolutely on the youngsters who are quite happy nibbling away at the long grass.
The only lamb who loves fuss is Teddy - here he is looking for treats. Although he is one of the youngest in the group he is by far the largest and has a very lovely temperament too. The others are getting more used to me but can be very skittish at times and I'm hoping that Teddy's acceptance of me rubs off on them too. I haven't yet put the alpacas into the field as one of them does like to chase the sheep so I shall wait a bit longer before letting them in with the lambs.
Any other business......... Dyeing has come to a temporary holt as I ran out of gas bottles for my portable stoves that I use. Now the weather has turned thundery I have moved the tables under the front porch and I am hoping to get back to dyeing soon. Also fleece washing is on hold as I need a full dry, sunny day to dry it.
I have almost spun up enough Portland fleece to start thinking about knitting with it and also thinking of my next spinning project - maybe some of the fleece I have been dyeing?
Gardening is also on hold as our soil is heavy clay and with all this sun it has now baked dry and is extremely hard. Earlier on this year I bought some lily bulbs which Mum potted up and they have now come into flower. We have moved them into the greenhouse in case the thundery rain spoils them. Each flower is HUGE!! The perfume is wonderful too.
I think this is called Anastasia

And I think this is Stargazer

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  1. Teddy has obviously twigged how to work the The System early. Lillies look good too.