Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Not More Steam?

Yes I'm afraid 'tis so! This time we all drove off in the pouring rain to South Cerney near Cirencester to yet another steam rally trusting that the weather forecasters had got it right and that our destination would be dry. They sort of got it right but it was not a rain free day by any means. However, we still managed to enjoy the day despite the frequent showers.

There was the usual display of steam rollers and their living vans.
Plus the usual assortment of showman's engines, road engines and steam lorries. Next to a lovely fairground organ was a showman's living van with this inscription on the door....
I didn't know my sister had a living van? She's kept this rather quiet. I looked inside to see if she was at home...
It was decorated with lots of lovely vintage things to give the flavour of the late 1940's when the living van was busy going around with the fairground. I must say Catherine has done a good job!
Our next steam event will be at the end of August when the plan is for us to join John Sankey with the road roller.
One of my favourite fibre related books in my vast collection has to be " The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook" by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius. I love looking at it during a tea break as well as referring to it when I have an interesting fleece to spin. I have even started my own rare breed project as a result of reading this book and also watching her DVD published by Interweave Press. Any spinners reading this who have not got this book and/or the DVD shame on you !! You don't know what you are missing. Anyway, reading a recent post by Hillevis Tradar  she mentioned that Deb Robson has a new project in mind and that there was a fund raising campaign to help Deb achieve this. Deb wants to travel over here to the U.K. to research Shetland sheep but needs funds so a few of her friends have put together Dreaming of Shetland which is an ebook collection of knitting patterns inspired by Shetland and the purchase price will help to fund Deb's research. I have bought the first section which is available at the moment and it looks very good, looking forward to seeing the other sections when they are published. I'm also hoping that I may get to meet Deb when she visits Fibre East next year to teach classes. If you are interested in rare sheep breeds, Shetland sheep or the islands of Shetland can I urge you to buy the ebook and help Deb out. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I so wish that was mine.I would love to live somewhere like that in a state of elderly eccentricity.I wonder who she was?perhaps me in this other life I am supposed to have had!mega envy.

  2. Well there was lots of vintage knitting and crochet stuff about the place. It looked like your natural habitat! Don't know if I'd want a fairground organ for a neighbour though!