Thursday, 1 August 2013

A steamy weekend

Last Saturday we all went along to a steam rally at Welland near Malvern which is just over an hour away from home. We have never been to this rally before as our trip planned last year had to be altered as the show was cancelled due to the rotten weather. It was a surprisingly large site with the usual mixture of steam engines and classic cars. The weather was a bit warm with hazy sunshine so the light in the photos is a bit flat. Anyway here is some of what we saw.

We had a pleasant time strolling around all the different sections and met up with the lady who owns the living van which so inspired us last year when we saw it for the first time that we have bought one for ourselves to renovate. At the end of the day we shopped in the food tent and came home with local sausages and duck burgers for the barbeque and local breads. The best thing though was some local ice cream - mmmm! Lemon Ripple made by Kelsmor Dairy. I've never tasted such lovely ice cream before. It's made with the tartest lemon curd they can get hold of apparently and the result is a sharp but at the same time sweet and refreshing ice cream.
On Sunday Nicholas was invited to a steam up with his friend John Sankey who was taking his newly restored steam roller to a local beauty spot for the day. I went along with Mum later on that morning to have a look at the roller and as Nicholas said "She's beautiful"!
Nicholas got the chance to drive the roller a couple of times during the day and hopefully later this summer I'm going to have a ride too!
The lilies mentioned in a previous post have continued to flower and surprisingly in a different colour!


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    1. Yes! And they were very nice too. We had one for lunch at the show with Plum Sauce and we bought some more for cooking at home. I think the sellers came from Somerset.