Friday, 25 October 2013

New Books

Earlier this week I had a delivery of new knitting books to add to my already overflowing collection.

"The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting" by Elizabeth Lovick, Search Press, 2013 (top right). This is a lovely book showing the traditional patterns used in Shetland lace with colour illustrations of each pattern and using both written and charted instructions. I have always been interested in traditional knitting techniques and one day I will get around to spinning some fine yarn to make something special - I have enough books on the subject!!!! For more information contact Elizabeth Lovick. The book on the left in the picture above is "Real Shetland Yarns : a collection of woolly tales and memories" published by Shetland Amenity Trust, Lerwick, 2012. This is another well produced book and just the sort of thing to curl up and read on a wet day with a nice cup of tea and maybe a few biscuits! It isn't the sort of book to read cover to cover, more of a book to dip into.
And finally "Shetland Textiles : 800 BC to the present " edited by Sarah Laurenson, published by Shetland Amenity Trust, Lerwick,2013. What a lovely book! It covers everything from the archaeology and history of textile finds on Shetland through to modern knitwear design and production. The book is full of wonderful pictures of the stunning Shetland scenery and also its wonderful sheep. If you are at all interested in the subject you must get this book - its a bit expensive but well worth it. Get it on your Christmas present list!
For more information on both these books see here. 


  1. I wanted to say HELLO! I saw mention of you and yours on the Hug-a-Sheep blog. We are up in the far north of Scotland, and we did some sheep-hugging, too! I've got a tiny flock of four friends ~ one of whom, Doodle, has his own blog! I am learning to spin and do other woolly things, and have long been a needleworker and cross stitch designer. You can find out about me, and us, on my Fearn Abbey Needleworks blog, and there is a link from there to Doodle's own blog. It is always good to make a new sheep-friendly friend! Best wishes from Scotland!

    1. Nice to hear from you Stacey. Hope you enjoy spinning as much as I do.