Saturday, 21 June 2014

Today In My Garden

I would like to share with you a few photos of the flowers which are blooming in my garden at the moment. My mother and I decided a couple of years ago that we no longer wanted or enjoyed growing vegetables here at The Mount. The garden has very heavy soil and gets quite waterlogged over the winter months and we had a couple of bad harvests which made us change to growing flowers instead. This year it is looking quite nice as the plants that we have put in the garden over the last couple of summers have started to form reasonably large clumps and they are spreading over the soil nicely. Mum has raised a lot of them from seed but we have also rescued plants from the local garden centres when they are on the point of being thrown on the compost heap - a friend of mine told me of this great way of getting lots of plants cheaply!

Happy Midsummers Day.


  1. Your flowers are looking for the soul.

  2. Lovely, beautiful garden.
    Have a nice weekend, Anne-Marie