Monday, 14 July 2014

Woolfest 2014 cont'd.

In preparation for my trip to Woolfest I made myself a shopping list in the hopes that I wouldn't get too carried away and spend my money "wisely". Well........... that sort of happened! I did buy all the dye colours I had on my list and the 2 extra bobbins for my Matchless wheel ( the plastic ones). But I'm afraid I just had to buy some more Portland fleeces!

I bought these lovely fleeces from Shaun on the Harcourt Rare Breeds stand. All are now washed and safely tucked up in my gigantic stash of fleeces! My willpower proved equally jelly-like when I realised that there would be a stand selling spindles from America. Spindlers2 are Carol and Pete Leonard who have been lucky enough to go the Spin Off Autumn Retreats for a number of years - I do envy them. They import some lovely spindles and even though I had resolved not to buy any more I just had to buy one or two!
OK five then....what's the difference!

Left to right the spindles are as follows :   Supported spindle by Thomas Forrester, Ontario, Canada in Birch and Maple - I'm using it to spin some Cashmere top. A McKenna Lee (35g) in Red Mallee Burl and Bloodwood with a Mahogany shaft by Greensleeves Spindles. A Modular spindle by KCL Woods which has a lovely whorl made from a mixture of ebony, walnut and maple burl. I've used it to spin up some rolags I made on my blending board. Next to that is a square spindle by Spindlewood Co. from Oregon. This is made from Australian Laurel burl with a Walnut shaft (28g) and at the moment I'm spinning up some fine Jacob fleece which I've drum carded and kept the colours separate with the idea of knitting a lace scarf. Finally there is a Loki spindle (27g) by Greensleeves made from Australian Red Gum with a Red Oak shaft. I shall be going to a couple more shows where Spindlers2 will be watch this space as I'm sure to be paying them a visit!


  1. Just catching up with everyone after my break from knitsofacto. Those spindles are just gorgeous. I was so sorry to miss Woolfest this year.

    Loving that I was just offered 'laine' as a word verification ... so fitting here :)