Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bank Holiday weekend.....steam and a sick sheep.

The last Bank Holiday until Christmas has been and gone already. On the BH Sunday we all went to Onslow Park steam rally as Nicholas had persuaded his friend John to take along his roller. The weather was a bit overcast but no rain to spoil the day and we had a lovely day looking around the different vehicles etc. on display.

The thing I like the most about this particular show is the working field where people get the chance to use their vintage tractors working the soil.
This year they had a team of heavy horses cutting the corn and I think they were the ones used in the BBC series Victorian Farm.
We arrived to see them being unhitched and ready for a break. My plans to return the following day with Nicholas and hopefully get a ride on the roller were thwarted by Hubert who decided to fall sick. I had to call the vet out in the end and after a further visit from said vet, 5 injections, and 2 urine samples taken, it was concluded that he had a major bladder infection. His bladder was so swollen it was the size of a small football and had closed the neck of the bladder up! We seem to have cleared that problem up but the anti-biotics played havoc with his stomach and he is now having some stuff which the vet calls Yakult for sheep! I have to syringe it into his mouth once a day and he hates it! Of course this is all happening just days before I go away for a family holiday!
Tomorrow afternoon Nicholas, Graham and I are off on a classic car trip, the MSA Euroclassic, for about ten days in our MkII  Jaguar. We depart from Dover on Saturday and head across France, Belgium and into Germany as far as Stuttgart. Then we head back to France and finish in Luxemburg. This isn't the furthest we have been on the Euroclassic as one year Graham and I drove our E-type Jaguar across Europe to Budapest in Hungary. What a trip that was! This year we will be accompanied by some good friends of ours in their XK150 Jaguar. They haven't done a trip like this before, so despite the fact that we will be visiting places that we have been to on previous trips, it will be all new to them and should still be fun for us. There should be lots to blog about too!
So there has been lots of cleaning and getting gardening done on the run up to the trip, and needless to say no spinning or weaving done at all. I am getting withdrawal symptoms! I will not have internet access whilst away so things will be quiet here until my return. Bye for now.

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