Monday, 23 September 2013

MSA Euroclassic ......the journey continues.

Our first overnight stop in France was at a hotel in a village called Gosnay near the town of Bethune. After a lovely evening meal and a restful nights sleep we started out bright and early for the first stage to Waterloo in Belgium site of the famous battle against Napoleon.

This is the famous hill with the lion statue atop it, the significance of this escapes me at the moment!
View from the top.
After a comfort break and a very brief stop for a drink we headed off for our next checkpoint at the Chateau Jemeppe.
Here we were treated to a lovely buffet lunch and although we were one of the last cars to arrive there was still lots of lovely local food to sample.
After a day in the car it was nice to be able to stretch our legs a bit and walk around the garden for a while. The end of the days driving was in Liege which was extremely busy despite it being a Sunday and it wasn't ideal after a long day.
Overnight the weather turned cooler and wet but by the time we left Liege and were heading to our first checkpoint the sun was trying to shine. Our destination was Stavelot a small town in the Belgian Ardennes where we were due to have coffee and visit a small car museum which is in the undercroft of the former Abbey.
Soon it was time to move on and before long we were crossing the border into Germany and heading to the town of Bernkastel-Kues.
 This is a lovely town on the banks of the Mosel river and is in the heart of wine country and as a result it is very popular with tourists and is a stopping off point for the many river cruise boats that go up and down the Mosel.
This house dated back to the 1400's and is only 2m wide downstairs.
After a short welcome by the Mayor and a small glass of the local tipple we had to leave and head for the Rhine ferry crossing at Lorch so that we could arrive at our next overnight stop in Wiesbaden.
Next time I'll talk about Wiesbaden to Stuttgart calling at Heidelberg, Porsche and Steiff.
* Thanks to my son Nicholas for using some of his photos today.

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