Wednesday, 25 September 2013

MSA Euroclassic.......Wiesbaden and beyond.

Our first overnight stop in Germany was the lovely spa town of Wiesbaden and the cars were allowed to be parked up for the night outside the casino in the centre of town.

Our hotel was behind the trees in the centre of this picture and the fountain looked spectacular at night when it was illuminated. Next morning was a bit wet and miserable as we headed towards Heidelberg. I was looking forward to this stop as Graham and Nicholas had been there on a previous trip and both had said what a lovely town it was. However the nature of this Euroclassic meant that we had only a short time for a comfort break and a coffee before we had to press on to our next checkpoint which was a lunch stop. Nicholas did get chance to have a quick wander about the small square where we were parked as he doesn't drink coffee. These are some of his photos.
All too soon we had to move on but one day I would love to go back and have a more leisurely look about. Lunch was at the Schloss Langenburg - no photos as it was very wet - and then our last checkpoint at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart which was to be our stopover for the next two nights. The Porsche Museum is quite new and was very bright and stylish. Yet again time was not on our side and we only had about an hour to look around before closing at 6pm. Here is a small sample of what we saw as it really deserves a post of it's own.
We had a bit of a nightmare trying to find our hotel as Stuttgart seems to undergoing major building work and some of the roads in our route book seemed to be closed off which meant that Nicholas had to navigate with the sat nav! Next day we journeyed through the heavy traffic to Steiff makers of the famous teddy bears.
We have all been here before but since our last visit they have constructed this new museum building which includes an animated guided tour. After that we had the chance to see a couple of the workers making teddy bears.
The day ended with a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum back in Stuttgart which has also been recently remodelled since our last visit.
I will be doing one more post for the final two days of the trip and then normal service will be resumed ...I promise!

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